Attract new and retain existing members by notifying them of upcoming events and opportunities at your Business Networking Group. Reward members for repeat visits by offering discounts and timely gifts. Increase revenue by allowing members to refer business contacts to your group directly through the app.



Allow members to see upcoming events and opportunities and confirm attendance directly through the app.


Keep your members coming back by integrating a QR or Mobile Stamping card loyalty system.


Allow members to refer their contacts to your networking group with a few simple clicks on their mobile device.

Social Network

Engage your customers via Facebook and Twitter and increase followers and likes directly from their mobile device.

Push Notifications

Send out timely reminders for upcoming events or opportunities that pop up directly on your members’ phones instantly.


Let your members email and call you with a single click and give them turn by turn GPS directions to your networking group.


Let your members post their testimonials on your dedicated wall for all to see and encourage new members.

Newsletter Subscription

Allow members to subscribe to your newsletter to stay updated with the latest business news.

A mobile app for your business networking group is a great way to attract new and existing members by keeping them up to date with upcoming events and opportunities. Your business networking group’s mobile app can also reward your regular members by offering them discounts and gifts to keep them coming week in and week out. Your business networking group can also benefit from having a mobile app as it will help to increase your business networking groups brand exposure and engage with your members by giving them instant access to your social media directly through your business networking group’s mobile app.