Stay interactive with your clients and include legal consultation forms and keep them up to date with the latest news by integrating your blogs, videos and podcasts. Allow users to start new cases using the legal camera and use the case recorder for evidence.


Legal Consultation Form

Engage your clients and generate new business by letting them ask legal questions directly with your team.


Integrate your blog and other RSS feds to keep your clients updated with legal news and views wherever they are.

Push Notifications

Send your legal updates that pop up on your client’s phones to keep them notified of any legal issues.

Legal Camera

Generate more business by allowing your clients to start new cases with the integrated legal camera.

Web Pages and External Links

Allow users to view static content and external web pages directly from within your app.


Want to generate interest around business events. Instantly publish them with details, locations and reminders.

Case Recorder

Help your clients build their case by using the dedicated voice recorder that records and sends conversation instantly.

Your solicitors firm can gain added prestige by having a dedicated mobile app that clients can access at a touch of a button. A mobile app can be an effective client tool, which can give your clients the convenience of asking legal questions, using the case recorder to send their conversations to you directly to help build their case. A mobile app for your solicitors can also allow your clients to use the interactive legal camera to document evidence and supplement a case. The smartphone app also gives clients instant access to your blog and social media; along with the free push message system, allowing you to let your customers know about the latest legal issues and news.